I make animated content! Check out my Tiktok and English YouTube channel linked on the left of this page to see more of my animations.

3D Character/VRChat/Vtuber models:

I can create wonderful 3D character models for social VR as well as Vtubing.

Take a look at this model by pressing the play button. Use your mouse to drag and look around the model. Click the button below to see more images, videos, and turn arounds of character models I've made for clients and myself.

User Generated Content (UGC):

User generated content helps buisiness to show off their products as they are in real life, which in turn helps to gain the trust of potential customers.

I make UGC content for digital art products, animation software and plugins, and technology.

Click on the button below to check out my UGC content portfolio!

@cometneon Would never retopo without it. Demonstrated on my newest upcoming model 😉💜 #blender #animation #blender3d #3dartistsoftiktok #3dartist #vtuber ♬ Darling - Trees and Lucy